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  • Charles Antona uses his passion to help develop the agricultural richness of Corsica. In 1991 he creates “Corsica Gastronomia”, his very own production factory. At the beginning, the unit employs 5-6 people and produces about thirty specialities: at first pâtés based on traditional recipes and later on also jams...
    In 2009, Corsica Gastronomia realizes a new stage in its development and, thanks to the hard work of a team of 35 people, obtains the ISO 22000 label, which guarantees the quality, the regularity and the reliability and safety of every production.
    2011 : wanting to use only high quality raw materials, Charles Antona uses 10 hectares of family land in the Coti-Chiavari region to plant hundreds of fig trees, and obtains the organic certification. It is the very beginning of the creation of an agricultural estate. The aim is to restore the ancestral orchards. 
    In 2015, in addition to the ISO 22000 standard, Charles Antona and his team obtain the FSSC 22000 standard, proof of the reliability, the quality and the mastery of the different processes of the company.
    The project which seemed “crazy” at its beginning in 1991 is now taking shape. From the raw materials up to the know-how, Charles Antona now masters the production chain from start to end, and is able to guarantee you “the best of the best”.

    Today he offers a complete range of typical and tasteful products for particular customers who like to find the flavours they once knew and also discover new and unknown tastes. For Charles Antona, constantly reorienting his production is vital, combining tradition and gastronomy with technology. Charles Antona's specialities reflect his personal values. He wants his products to be "the expression of a land, a perfume and a flavour" because "before selling a product, there's its history...".

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  • Charles ANTONA

    Les Spécialités de MINNA


  • Extra jams from Corsica

    A selection of 23 flavours from our Mediterranean island combining subtle taste and originality: Jams prepared according to traditional Corsican recipes, simmered with cane sugar and the best fruit grown in exceptional conditions, under the Mediterranean sun, and picked at maturity. All of our jams are "extra" and prepared with 50% fruit for 50% cane sugar... Sweets to savour without moderation!

  • Corsican pâtés

    The secret of our terrines lies in the use of traditional products such as varied game, figatelli,a smoked sausage made with pork liver,and brocciu, a famous fresh ewe’s milk cream cheese, classified “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”. Moreover, they are blended with some unique Corsican perfumes, those described by Napoleon Bonaparte when he declared :“I could recognize my island with my eyes closed, just by smelling the scents of the Corsican “maquis” carried by the waves”. 

    Thanks to the richness and the fineness of these skilfully proportioned blends, CHARLES ANTONA’s terrines are a refined starter that you will surely appreciate..

  • Organic prodicts

    Pâtés cooked respecting the natural flavours and jams with more fruit (60%) and less sugar. Raw materials highly selected to offer high quality products, stemming only from organic farming.

  • Cooked Dishes

    Great care is devoted to the elaboration of our cooked dishes with the selection of the best ingredients in Corsica, an island which is still preserved from pollution. CHARLES ANTONA’s cooked dishes are the representatives of Corsican gastronomy,one of the elements of the French culinary richness.They reflect a know - how, inherited from centuries of tradition.

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